Ecology : poor victim of an ashaming science?

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Progressive damaging of the planet recently emerged within the collective opinion : nobody can still remain inside an indifference versus the deterioration of the environment and the climate so loudly claimed by the scientists of the whole world, since about the 70s.

Nonetheless, their prediction is just available for the next years whereas nowadays, economical matters become more and more numerous and important : destitution, thirsty, poverty bring about 10 000 death a day, especially in Africa who knew and yet meet not only ills and health disasters but also an excruciating and awful margenalization of the worldwide trade caused by the richest states of the planet.

Therefore, as a French politician man called Claude Allegre recently underscored it in a famous tv-show, should we not question this national and more and more international political sport of minding about unsure future matters whereas the ones of today’s society are as sure and worse as they have ever been?

Should we exclusively (and inanely) focus about future problems whereas African people are mostly the victims of the murder caused by AIDS?

Anyway, it seems that each today’s richest countries are not ready yet to mind about the real problems,a s if the crisis longs to hit stronger and stronger the international political field, as the recent French debate launched by Eric Besson concerning the national identity and considered as non-constructive for 63% of the French public opinion…

That is to say that we totally ignore where we are going with these current leading of states absolutely determined to possess the major influence in this whole suffering world, as for them obviously…

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