la vie d’un etudiant

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  • il etait une fois un un jeune garçon de 19 ans  qui passer ses temps entre le physiques et le metaphysique , ce jeune garçon cherche d’être stable dans sa vie mais sa destinée change sa vie en épines .
  • la vie avec la realité et plus dur et imporssible pour lui pour changer la realité iln’y a rien à faire que d’attendre la décision de la vie , il peut plus capter la deroulement ce qui lui a fait un grand noed dans son âmes , il save plus que de la douleur et la fatalité qui lui a fait des douches froid chaque jour
  • voilà comment il a decrit sa vie même s’il cache beaucoup de sa réalité mais il a fait un bond sur sa bléssure pour qu’il soit pas vue par les enemies voilà:
  • Hi
    I do not know how I can start, but I’m not much of anything specific about my studies and my university or my high school, then
    I guelmim life the city has little history except just little old who left his mark on the city of Ksar as assa but my origins are not of this city, I am born in the village Tawghaste The most fascinating region especially in spring is a small village, no lakes and sea, but no one has the landscape of this village that attracts neighbor gents this village speak the Berber language, the village where I spent years of primary classes I found these very special year it is passed as the Fuse
    But I spent great time
    We are almost to the Atlantic sea 12 km I spend each year to sea to swim even though those days of my childhood, I still do not swim ,Because one day I’m drowning in the sea, « thank you God that I was saved by my brother I spend the rest of my life until now has guelmim is far from our village nearly 20 km with j I spent years of college with us in spite of the college was no snack bar or restaurant I have to spend those three years of college after I made my preferred path is the science after years of high school j ‘ I’m making new friends I have chosen the following physical, and now I’m in 2nd year of faculty, the faculty is a new world to us because all change is « the Arabic language changes to French all in French.  »
    But we capture all these things and everything goes well
    I will look into this fall semester 4 module as usual « was the quantum and mathematical & lci: language and communication and information technology and chemistry
    It was the bar and library and football field and handball and basketball and q « are taking advantage of cheaper copies
    You know something we have three dialects in the Berber language « tarifite for gents who live north of the country. And « Tamazight for gents and middle east. And « for the gents tachelhit south and the rest. « It was the most gents of Morocco speak Berber but they are some one speaks Arabic civilization started from the front but we were colonized by several countries for this reason that much was lost
    Indeed there are many things about visiting a website
    Here we take two days per year, were the festival of sacrifice and the feast al fitr in the first 10 of it Hijjah « month Arabs and 2 the end of Ramadan (this month is the month of ramadan)
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