How to Educate Children with Smiling; Ten Points to Respect:

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The education of children is one of the most problems parents worry about them, of course!

It is not an easy job, because of many reasons, and also because of the difference of the language due to the difference of the ages.

So here are ten points to help parents and teachers to be understood better by the kids:

1*The most basic principles are implanted before the age of 7th; so before this age, they need very much the presence and a smiling help from the older persons: parents, teachers, neighbors…!

2*don’t expect them to change an error immediately because they can’t!

Give them the information concerning the right doing, and let the time doing his job.

But if they insist to repeat the same error, you can repeat the information of course!

3*If you see many errors in a few time, you don’t have to give correction for all of them!

You notice one or two information; and later you could notice the others.

4*Kids are more open to the world, and especially to the persons who are playing with them; so do what you can to get the advantages of such situations and moments.

5*Smiling is the best language to make them understand things easily!

Even they do faults, don’t shut at, they feel unfairness; and you will lose their respect, and automatically, it will be very difficult to make them listen to you after; so slowly and quietly!

Guide de l’enfant agressif:

6*Don’t do acts you don’t like them to do, in front of them; to hide bad acts from them, that lets them understand that doing is not good.

7* When they do good comments, show them that you are glad to change too, because everyone needs education all along his life. Never say that you can do what you want because you are adult…! Quite the reverse, in fact!

8*the best way to make them imitate you easily, is to do with pleasure the things you want them to do!

Apprendre à nager aux enfants:

9*you can’t use exactly the same language with boys and girls because they are different; and don’t use the same method.

Boys could like to play with cars and bikes, and girls could prefer dolls!

10*in resume, be their friend!

Play with them, smile as you can, do walks, travels, watch the TV with them, sing their lovely songs and they will love you…And to be loved is the best way to b understood!



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