Unasur: in the footsteps of the EU?

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From a geographical point of view, the Unasur is 17 million km2 whereas the EU is 5 million Km2: it is clear that the stakes are different. Just imagine the EU having to take care of the Amazon! Surely the ecologist party would have a better advantage on the conservative party, …the « Right party »?

From an economic point of view, there is no need to recall the premises of the EU: it was based on an economic and political strategy to arrange « peaceful negociations » around Coal and Steel to avoid  other unrests between european governments and to foster competition in this strategic industry. In the Unasur, the watchwords seem to differ and give greater place to the inhabitants’ or companies initiatives, such as Petroamerica.

Des Livres pour Changer de Vie !

So let’s stay tuned to this huge project coming from the South!

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