Rekruited Offering Complete Solution to Expedite the Interview Process

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Rekruited can be rightly described as the automated tool aimed at simplifying the elaborate process of recruitment.Generally the recruitment process is very complex and time consuming and hence the tool plays a great role in making the process easy. It is not only time saving but highly economic as well.

The company takes pride in the launch of the advanced system called the applicant tracking system. The system involves operational processes which are very simple and hence will be of great use for the users. In short it helps the recruiters in saving a lot of time. It is an online system that involves the selection of the candidates after filtering the applications and finally assists in evaluation of the befitting candidates.

After the product fine tuning in the market the company has taken the initiative to reduce the length of the interview with the aid of the tool. One can expect a cost cutting of as big as 70% from this service. Please note that the company will start offering the solution from as less as 13 Eur/Month/Job (single job offer that give access to platform for three months managing a single offer).

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The company offers various tutorials and videos to make the tool user friendly. Special mention may be made of thevideo which includes the details about how to create a job and send invitation. There are few easy steps associated with the process of job creation and the subsequent invitation. For further reference the interested candidates can check the video at

The companyalso offers free trails for the first month. Theinterested candidates can refer to the company website for the pricing plans.Interested candidates can sign up for the trails. For further details one can also refer the company website at

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About Rekruited:
Rekruited is a premium recruitment process management tool owned by the Italy based company named Internet Value LTD. The key service provided by the tool is to filter applicants’ names to a given ad and to evaluate and select the appropriate candidates for an open position. Most importantly the system simplifies the complications of the whole process of recruitment with the advanced technology of the tool.

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