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Pink Marble: A must have deco

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If you need a luxury material of home decoration, the marble is the rock that adds a so chic and prestigious effect to your home.

It is a metamorphic stone that is used for several years, from the Greek and roman civilizations. In fact, it is present for many seasons in the collections and it never loses its decorative value. This stone is used for its indisputable sustainability, its soft chromatic nuances and its natural contrast. Thanks to its unique quality and its class touch in decoration, it’s always in tendency to decorate with the place you desire at your home such as the living room, the bathroom, kitchen, house entrance, flooring, etc. Indeed, marble has several colors with various forms. There in the Black Sahara Table, the Perlatino Marble, the Pink Marble, the Imperial Grey Marble, the Grey Marble Shell and others marble nominations.

A relaxing and soft atmosphere is finished by Pink marble. What are the most characteristics of this stone and its major uses?

Pink Marble’s characteristics

Also called Rosa Egeo Marble and Pink of Lafkos Marble. This marble color is originated from Greece. It is made of fossiliferous limestone rocks and consists of 99% calcite and 1% dolomite. To know, Pink marble is characterized by its peach veins and its cream color. It is a decorative product that makes your external spaces warmer and sublime as well soft and relaxing. This marble color is considered as the most natural stone as well it is distinguished by its idiosyncratic pink tone. Furthermore, this metamorphic stone provides very desirable characteristics in your interior such the warm, the visual pleasure, the elegant touch full of joy and well being.

Pink marble uses

Mostly, the bathrooms are decorated with pink marble. As well, this marble color is used in covering living room, terrace or driveway sol. Pink marble is used in the shower room with so many variations. Also, this thin natural stone can be used on walls, on the interior floor, slabs.

As we have said, pink rose has several varieties. Example, the Rosa Aurora Rosa or Estremoz Pink is used for table’s tops. It is characterized by its pink background with some sage green, brown and reddish veins running through it. Also, this kind of marble is applied in restaurant and hotels interiors thanks to its fantastic view.

By decorating your home with the pink marble, you give a sense of life to your atmosphere. It is considered as a pure color that provides instant healing and a full touch of elegance.

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